Babysitting Basics

This is an entry level babysitting program for boys and girls age 10 and older. These classes are designed to teach:

• How to start a babysitting service safely

• Business card development and advertising

• Personal appearance and presentation

• Baby and childcare—diapering, feeding, bathing, good touch/bad touch, creative play, fire safety, environmental safety, and basic first aid

Fee: $25.00 per student

(Includes extensive syllabus)

Classes can be held at your site


(Bridge to Increase Responsibility Through Health Education)

B.I.R.T.H.E. is a childbirth and parenting program designed specifically for the pregnant adolescent, her partner, their families and peers. It’s content is both traditional and innovative. Traditional topics include: Prenatal Care--Labor and Delivery--Baby Care

Unique to the program is the creation of a personalized CarePath©. This is a written plan that will assist the pregnant adolescent to recognize and overcome the barriers that would prevent her from taking advantage of the information and resources that she needs to make healthy life choices.

Free to participants. This program is funded by a contractual arrangement with the YWCA of Ulster County

Mom, Can We Talk

In a supportive environment, mothers and daughters will discuss the physical, mental, emotional and social changes surrounding puberty. Through frank and open discussions of the issues surrounding this transition from child to adolescent, both mom and daughter will learn valuable information and communication techniques to enhance future personal interactions. (Includes the book The Caring and Keeping of You)

Fee: $30.00 per twosome

All About Me

Through instruction and use of the arts, participants will find the answers to these and many other questions. With an emphasis on normal development, clear-headed decision making, unfolding personal self esteem and learning to cope with feelings, the participant will evolve from their exploration with tools and information to travel through life by making healthy choices.

Designed as an after-school program, each class is about 1.5 hours in length. It is suitable for age 10 and up. Fee is dependent on the size of the group and will be discussed at time of engagement.

A 5 week exploration of:

• Who am I?

• What is my place in this world?

• Where am I going?

• How do I get there safely?

The Heart Smart Series*

*In Search of Blood Pressure Control

Have you ever wondered?

 What those numbers mean?

 What lifestyle changes do I need to make to improve my blood pressure?

 How do I take my pressure correctly at home?

 How do I know what blood pressure cuff I should buy?

This class answers these questions and more.

*The Highs and Lows of Cholesterol

This class covers the recommended guidelines of the National Cholesterol Education program. Students should bring a copy of their cholesterol profile so they can understand how this information applies to them.

*Just the Right Size--Food Portions 101

It’s not about losing weight and feeling deprived. It’s about a closer look at healthy eating habits and what that can mean. It’s about looking at food labels and connecting them to the foods that we eat. It’s about discovering the connecting links between what we thought we were eating versus what we truly are eating. It’s a beginning step to help us sort out the carbs, the fats and the proteins that are bodies need for good health.

*Manage Your Stressors--Increase Your “Joy of Living”

Each person has the strength and ability within the self to cope with stress. This workshop will help you identify your sources of stress and recognize those thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physical signs that signal stress for you. Learn how to strive for perspective, avoid toxic thinking, seek oppor-tunities, use positive self-talk, and take charge of your life.

*Differences in a Woman’s Heart

For many years we thought of heart disease as a man’s disease. We now know that heart disease is the number one killer of women. This class looks at what puts woman at risk for heart disease, how to take action to prevent heart disease, how presenting symptoms of heart attacks differ for women and how to improve outcomes for your heart health.

*Fresh Start Smoking Cessation

This program is designed by the American Caner Society to help participants stop smoking by providing information, strategies and group support. This is a four-part program.

This program can be done as a lunch series and offered at your place of business. Fee based on size of group.

Creating CarePaths© to Wellness for the Woman with Diabetes**

This 6 session comprehensive program was created for women who have diabetes or pre-diabetes and are ready to take charge of their disease. Traditional information regarding the importance of carb counting and establishing an exercise program will be discussed. Unique to this program is the process of each woman visioning her own 

Path Toward Wellness

Discovering her own Personal Barriers to Wellness

Incorporating Life’s Directions 

Balancing Life’s Demands

Creating and implementing her own personal health plan

Fee: $125.00 for the 6 sessions

(Support group and workshop format)

**Syndrome X—Are You at Risk?

A cluster of symptoms, including high blood pressure, obesity, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, puts you at increased risk for developing diabetes and heart disease. This class examines the specific criteria needed for diagnosing syndromeX and how to adopting a healthier life path can change the outcome. It’s time to take charge.

**Demistifying Counting Carbs

This class will focus on how to count carbs and will be particularly beneficial for the person who has been diagnosed with prediabetes, diabetes, syndomre-X and obesity. We will sort out the definitions of carbs, net carbs, simple carbs, complex carbs and what that can mean for you as well as those positive steps you can take to pursue a healthier you.

A Pamper Yourself Day

This full-day workshop is designed for women to spend time with other women. So very often, women are too busy to take the time or are reluctant to spend money on themselves. We would like to invite you to not only reward yourself with time away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, but to do so in an environment where you will be able to nourish your body and spirit through the four modalities of

• Nutrition

• Exercise

• Retreat

• Play

Built on these four modalities, each day can be built to accommodate the wishes of your group. So, whether you gather a group of your friends or provide your staff with a day of R & R call us to make arrangements for a special day.

Arthritis Self Management Course

The ASHC is designed to give those with arthritis the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to take a more active role in their arthritis care. The course is taught over six sessions lasting approximately 2 hours per session. Topics of discussion include self-help principles, pain and fatigue management, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and stress management, medications, dealing with depression, and doctor patient relationships.

(Includes “The Arthritis Helpbook by Kate Lorig, RN., Dr.P.H. and James F. Fires, M.D)


The NYSOPEP Initiative

This class has been designed by the Helen Hayes Hospital staff as regional coordinators for The New York State Osteoporosis Prevention Program. It includes risk assessment, healthy life style choices, risk reduction techniques, and treatment options. Class given by locally trained RN health educators.

Fee: $15.00 per participant

Advanced Directives--A Nursing Perspective

This class will help participants understand and sort out their wishes about health care treatments and end-of-life desisions. We will discuss and demystrify such terms as DNR, DNI, health care proxies, tube feedings, vegetative state, coma, brain death, etc.

Fee: $15.00 per participant (Large group fees available upon request.)

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